US MP Krishnamurthy questioned the withdrawal of troops and said…

After the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan, influential Indian-origin lawmaker Raja Krishnamurthy has said that the US should continue its campaign against terrorism in Afghanistan. America can fight together with India in this campaign. With the efforts of both the countries, the violence-hit country will not be able to become a safe haven for terrorists. He said this is also necessary because there is a constant threat of growth of organizations like ISIS and Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan.

India and America can do many things in mutual coordination like exchanging intelligence information, information about terrorists and thwarting their conspiracy. Let us inform that three-time MP Raja Krishnamurthy is a member of the Select Committee of Intelligence in the Senate.

Justifying the decision to withdraw the army, Krishnamurthy said that the withdrawal of troops could have been planned in a better way. The manner in which America has retreated should be investigated. He said that the US government should see to it that Afghanistan does not become a refuge for terrorists again, as it did twenty years ago.

Trump said – never before has come back from war in such a bad situation

Former President Donald Trump has repeatedly targeted President Biden for ending the military operation in such a situation. On the previous day, he had said that history is witness that the withdrawal of American forces from the battlefield has never happened before in such a bad condition. The former US President said that now there should be a demand to take back our weapons and equipment left in Afghanistan, because billions of dollars have been spent on these equipment with the money of every American.


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