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What the Taliban was saying after the occupation of Afghanistan, now its reality is also coming to the fore. The brutal face of the Taliban is once again being seen, but slowly, by the world. Two days ago, a video footage showed a man being publicly hanged. Unarmed Afghans were also shot a day earlier by the Taliban. The kind of statements the Taliban were giving about women, now its color has also been exposed.

The Taliban had said that women can do their work as before. He had also said that he would welcome women to his government. But, now these things are proving to be false. Shabnam Khan Davran has mentioned this during a conversation with Reuters. Shabnam works in Radio-TV Afghanistan (RTA). But, now the situation has completely changed. When she went back to her work after the Taliban’s capture of Kabalu, she was not allowed inside by the Taliban militants present there.

Shabnam told that the Taliban did not allow him to go to the RTA office and work. He told that he wants to go back to his work but sadly he is refusing to do so. The Taliban have appointed their man on the RTA chief after the capture here. Shabnam was directly told by the terrorists present there that now the regime has changed and you cannot work in it. He also said that no decision has been taken on his work yet. That’s why she can’t work at the moment. It is not only Shabnam who hears such talk but also other women working in RTA.

Khadija is another woman who has not been allowed to work by the Taliban. Let us tell you that the Taliban has sent back all the women working in the RTA. Khadija said that now there is no woman anchor or woman journalist in RTA. Only men are working there at this time. Not only this, Taliban have also changed many programs after the occupation here and are also getting them broadcast according to their own.

Khadija also told that when Taliban militants did not allow her to go to the office and work, she tried to complain to her director. But during this time he came to know that he too has been replaced and in his place the Taliban has entrusted this responsibility to another person. When the Taliban were asked to clarify their stand on the issue, they did not respond.


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