What will be the face of the Taliban government of Afghanistan, which terrorist will be in which role

The Taliban, which has taken control of Afghanistan, is now very close to the formation of its government. Recently, some top Taliban leaders had met former Afghan President Hamid Karzai and other top leaders Abdullah Abdullah. This meeting was mainly about the formation of the government. Let us tell you that the Taliban have been trying for their government in Afghanistan for a long time. But it is believed that now this picture is becoming much clearer than before. The Taliban has already made it clear that its government will work completely under Islamic and Sharia law. On top of this will be Habibullah Akhundzada.

The Taliban has also said that its government will work under a council. There will be some council members. The Taliban had earlier offered former President Karzai to join as a member of this council. However, later news came that the Taliban had placed him under house arrest. The things that are coming out in the form of the formation of the Taliban government, it is being said that it will be very similar to the Iran model. Afghanistan will be an Islamic country under the Taliban government. Its head will be the Supreme Leader of the Taliban. Be it the President or the Prime Minister, everyone will work only on the instructions of this Supreme Leader. The post held by Akhudzada will be the highest in the country, both politically and religiously.

Many people will be involved in the council on which the country will work on the guidelines. The stronghold of this major Kandahar would be Kandahar. There is also a debate going on for the formation of the government. It is said that there is also Akhundzada here, which will come to the fore soon. The face of the Talibani government is visible so far, it will have an executive branch, which will be headed by the PM. It is believed that this post may go to Mulla Abdul Ghani Barabar or Mulla Yakub. Baradar is currently the head of the political faction of the organisation. At the same time, Yakub is the son of Mullah Omar, the former boss of the organization.

At present, Yakub looks after the religious and ideological issues of the Taliban. Abdul Hakim Haqqani may be the Chief Justice of the country in the Taliban government. Let us tell you that a few days ago there was also news of a split in the Taliban over government formation. It said that different views are coming out regarding government formation, due to which the Taliban is not able to decide on any one thing so far. There is also news of estrangement between Haqqani and Yakub. The eyes of Pakistan are also on the Taliban government. Actually, Pakistan wants Haqqani to get some big post in this government. The responsibility of the security of Kabul is also in the hands of the Haqqani group.


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