Which small country played a big role in dealing with the Afghan crisis, which America also praised

Qatar will play a major role in liaison between the two countries following the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. Tens of thousands of people were brought from Kabul Airport and first kept in Qatar, from there they were sent elsewhere. In the current circumstances, the role of this small Arab country has become important because it has good relations with both the US and the Taliban. Due to good relations, there is a US military base in Qatar and after the withdrawal of power from Afghanistan, the Taliban was running its political office from Doha, the capital of Qatar. The US has evacuated 1,13,500 people from Afghanistan as of Saturday. Of these, 40 per cent were briefly halted in Qatar and then sent onward. Thousands of people who came from Kabul are still in Qatar.

US President Joe Biden calls

Qatar is an energy-rich small country in the Gulf with more than three million citizens. There the number of migrant foreign workers on temporary visas far outweighs the local population. The White House says President Joe Biden personally praised the 41-year-old Emir of Qatar, Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, over the phone, saying the US-led airlift would not have been possible without Qatar’s support, taking thousands of people daily. helped with the removal. This is the positive publicity of this country in the world, which is hardly available after spending millions of dollars on PR and lobbying by Gulf Arab countries.

Virtual meeting on the situation in Afghanistan

Qatar participated in a virtual meeting of major countries and organizations held on Monday, in which the situation in Afghanistan was considered. The meeting was organized by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken. It was attended by foreign ministers and high officials from Britain, France, Germany, Canada, Italy, Japan, the European Union and NATO. It is learned that after the withdrawal of US troops from Kabul airport on Tuesday, the Taliban will provide travel facilities at the airport to all citizens who want to go out of Afghanistan. Qatar has prepared the Taliban for this.

Taliban seeks assistance from Qatar

Qatar has also been asked by the Taliban to provide civilian technical assistance at Kabul’s international airport after the US military withdrawal is completed on Tuesday. However, Qatari officials have not commented on the reports. Meanwhile, international UN agencies are seeking help and support from Qatar in delivering aid to Afghanistan. UN agencies have asked Qatar to play the role of a middleman in providing economic aid and aid to Afghanistan. Qatar’s role between the Taliban and the rest of the world is going to be somewhat unpredictable in the days to come.

Qatar is a country that shares a land border with Saudi Arabia and a maritime border with Iran. There are large reserves of gas under the Persian Gulf, which is held by Qatar. That is why Qatar is important for all the countries of the world including America.

a big role in getting people out

After the Taliban capture of Kabul on August 15, the US hastily looked to Qatar to help evacuate thousands of people from Afghanistan. About 40 percent of all evacuations from Afghanistan were routed through Qatar. The US praised Qatar for this. International media outlets also sought help from Qatar to fire its own staff. The United States said on Saturday that since August 14, one lakh 13 thousand five hundred people have been evacuated from Afghanistan. Qatar says more than 43,000 people have been evacuated through its country.

Qatar has been playing the role of hosting for a long time

Qatar’s role in evacuating people from Afghanistan reflects its status as host of the largest US military base in the Middle East, but also its decision to host the Taliban’s political leadership in exile years ago as a terrorist group. with some effect. Qatar also hosted US-Taliban peace talks.

Minister rejected to do this only for political gain

Qatar’s Assistant Foreign Minister Lolwa al-Khatar acknowledges that Qatar has made political gains in recent weeks, but denies any strategic consequences. He told the Associated Press news agency that if anyone believes that it is only for political gains, then believe me there are many ways to do PR that are much easier than putting our people on the ground at risk.

Spending your time taking care of every baby and pregnant woman for the past two weeks is much easier than having sleepless nights. Qatar operated with only a few hundred soldiers and its own military aircraft for some of the most sensitive rescue efforts in Afghanistan.

A large number of people were evacuated from Afghanistan

Qatar pulled out a girls’ boarding school, a girls’ robotics team and journalists working for the international media, among others. Qatar’s ambassador was desperate to escape, accompanied by a convoy of buses through a checkpoint of Taliban checkpoints in Kabul and various western military posts at the airport, where huge crowds had gathered.

Qatar’s ambassador in Kabul drove a convoy of buses to a Taliban checkpoint and various western military posts at the airport, where a huge crowd had gathered desperately to flee. Al-Khatar said Qatar secured the road to the airport for about 3,000 people and airlifted more than 1,500 people after receiving requests from international organizations and checking their names. Al-Khatar said Qatar is uniquely located in the Arab country. He has spoken to various parties in the crisis and has shown his willingness to evacuate people through Taliban-held Kabul.

US aides in Afghanistan desperate to get out

He said that many people do not understand that this evacuation trip is not just a phone call to the Taliban. He said that you have posts on the American side, the British side, the NATO side, the Turkish side. We have to deal with all these influencing factors and factors.

The Taliban have promised amnesty to all those living in Afghanistan. Yet many of them desperate to get out—including civil society activists who worked for Western armies and feared losing women’s hard-earned rights—say they’ve been taken over by terrorist organizations. Don’t trust.

In addition, other armed organizations in Afghanistan are presented with a growing threat. Last week, an Islamic State suicide bomber killed more than 180 people outside Kabul airport.


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