Why are black women being forced to take up arms in America, increased sales of guns

Black people in America have started worrying more about their safety. This is the reason why there is a competition among black people to buy weapons. In this also women are ahead than men. Figures from the Firearms Industry Trade Association show that nearly 8.5 million people bought guns for the first time in the US last year. The organization of industries making these weapons says that in the six months of 2020, there has been an increase of about 58-60 percent in arms purchases made by blacks. This figure is quite shocking.

Let us tell you that only last year, Black Lives Matter was heard a lot in America. The reason for this was the murder of two black civilians by the police. After this, a large number of people protested. These protests were visible almost all over America. Only after this there was a fear among the black citizens about their safety.

Daniel Webster, a professor at the Bloomberg School of Public Health and director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Violence Prevention and Policy, says that this happens when people have less trust in the police. Seems like. In such a situation, people buy more weapons for their safety. He also says that organizations spreading hatred against blacks are also responsible for this.

However, in America, black people still have fewer weapons than white people. In Connecticut-based NSSF, about 56 percent of white people in the country have weapons, while blacks have only 9.3 percent of weapons. On the other hand, if we talk about women, about 16 percent of guns are with white women while only 5.4 percent are with black women.

Mark Olivia, NSSF’s director of public affairs, believes that the past year has seen a big change in the practice of blacks buying weapons. This is the reason that now even those women come to the shooting range to take training in gun handling, who have never done this before. Beth Alcazar, a white woman learning to shoot a gun here, says it is a rare occurrence to see black women here.

Lavett Adams, a shooting instructor in Detroit, believes that black women taking gun training is closely tied to their safety. She herself is also a black woman. He believes that crimes against blacks in America are not new. But now women are preparing themselves to protect themselves from them. This is a big deal.


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