Will Taliban capture Panjshir Valley, know

The Taliban has announced that hundreds of its fighters are preparing to attack the Panjshir Valley. He wrote on his Arabic Twitter account that hundreds of mujahideen from the Islamic Emirate are heading to Panjshir state to take control after local state officials refused to hand it over peacefully. Taliban spokesman Zabillah Mujahid said they had begun encircling Panjshir province. It is noteworthy that out of 34 provinces of Afghanistan, Panjshir province is the only state where Taliban has not been able to establish its control. Why do Panjshiri fighters hate the Taliban regime? What is the big reason behind this? What are the major obstacles of Taliban in Panjshir Valley.

Dealing with Panjshir fighters a big challenge

The fighters of Panjshir are creating a big problem for the Taliban. It is a big challenge for the Taliban to drive out the Panjshiris from this valley. Panjshir fighters are well versed in the art of warfare. Apart from this, there are some obstacles for the Taliban in this region which can make this war more difficult. The fighters of Panjshir are a motivated fighter. Ahmed Shah Masood is an inspiration for them. Ahmed Shah was the person who forced the former Soviet Union’s army out of its territory in the 80s.

Panjshir could not forget the killing of Ahmed Shah by Al-Qaeda

Ahmed Shah is still an inspiration to the anti-Taliban and the people here in particular. The people here have not forgotten the treacherous assassination of Ahmed Shah by al-Qaeda, which was sheltered by the Taliban on September 9, 2001. This thing still stings them a lot. That’s why the feelings of revenge dominate their heart and mind. This vengeance is like a fire to them, encouraging a highly motivated combat force to teach the Taliban a lesson.

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Cultural solidarity strengthens struggle against Taliban

The fighters of Panjshir are very strong in their resolve. Panjshiri is the unity among the people to decide one thing and to fulfill it. Most of the Panjshiri people are of Tajik ethnicity. It gives them a clear identity and solidarity. It is this cultural spirit and solidarity that further strengthens the struggle against the Taliban. It is headed mostly by Pashtun tribesmen. Another thing is that the leadership of the Panjshiris is also united. It is this sentiment that encourages a highly motivated combat force to teach the Taliban a lesson.

Panjshir fighters ideal for guerrilla warfare

The Taliban will have to deal with the extremely difficult terrain of the Panjshir Valley, which is ideal for prolonged guerrilla warfare. Apart from this, former Vice President Amarullah Saleh, former Defense Minister Bismillah Mohammadi, besides Haibatullah Alizai and Sami Sadat also have a hand on Panjshir fighters. They were appointed as top generals by the fledgling President Ashraf Ghani. He can be counted among those at the forefront of the fight with the Taliban.

Masood not ready to give up control of Panjshir Valley

Earlier in an interview with Al Arabiya television station, Masood refused to surrender and surrender control of the Panjshir Valley to the extremist group Taliban. However, he expressed his willingness to hold talks with the Taliban. Masood has also clearly stated that he is not ready to give up control of the Panjshir Valley. According to Al Arabiya, the Taliban had given Masood a four-hour ultimatum to leave the Panjshir Valley, north of Kabul.


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