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Supreme Court has taken big action against political parties. Eight political parties including BJP and Congress have been fined. The country’s top court has taken this action for not making public the criminal cases against their respective candidates. The Supreme Court in its judgment today imposed a fine of Rs 1 lakh each on the BJP and Congress and Rs 5 lakh each on the NCP and CPM for non-compliance with the court’s directions to make public the criminal history of candidates during the Bihar elections.

Several parties, including the Congress, BJP, NCP and CPM, did not make public announcements about criminal cases against their party candidates during the Bihar elections. That is why the Supreme Court has taken this action against these parties. The Supreme Court has given a clear direction that the parties will have to declare how many candidates of their party are facing criminal charges.

The Supreme Court made many important remarks in its order to end criminalization in politics. The Supreme Court said that the court has several times urged law makers to wake up from sleep and take steps to stop criminalization in politics. But, they are in a long sleep.

The top court said that all the appeals of the court have not reached them. Political parties are not ready to wake up from their sleep. The hands of the court are tied. This is the job of the legislature. We can only appeal. Hopefully these people will wake up and undergo major surgery to stop criminalization in politics.

Know which team was fined how much

The Supreme Court, while hearing the matter on Tuesday, imposed a fine of Rs 1 lakh on BJP, Congress, Communist Party of India, BSP, JDU, RJD, RSLP, LJP. Apart from this, a fine of Rs 5 lakh has been imposed on CPM and NCP.

Know- what was the direction given to the political parties by the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court has directed political parties to publish information about criminal history of candidates on the homepage of their websites. According to this, now the homepage of every party’s website will now compulsorily have a column, in which ‘Candidates with criminal background’ will be written. Not only this, the apex court has also directed the Election Commission to create a dedicated mobile application, which includes information about the criminal history of the candidates. Its purpose is that any voter can collect complete information about his candidate on his mobile phone in one go.


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